About iClimaBuilt Test Bed

Test Bed

The iclimabuilt SEP goal is to provide a wide range of specialised services to industrial partners, SMEs and Pilot Lines responding to a growing number of challenges faced by SMEs and other companies such as the increasing digitalisation, rising energy prices and competition from non-European, low labour cost countries, which require sensible investment and innovation strategies. iclimabuilt ecosystem responds to these challenges by offering an open access innovation environment, in which SMEs will be able to proceed in technological innovation in a fast and low-cost way. This decreased cost of innovation, compared to other existing alternatives (e.g. in-house research, customer-seller collaboration with individual RTOs) lays on the synergies that are developed inside the ecosystem, knowledge and good practice experience. These opportunities will in turn raise the chances of commercialization and adoption of new products by the market due to the presence of important players from relevant field, including synergies with existing TBs (Lightme, Lightcoce, Leebed, Formplanet) and projects (POWERSKIN+, SYN.IKIA, SWITCH2SAVE, CULTURAL-E, EXCESS, MINISTOR etc.). These advantages make iclimabuilt ecosystem extremely attractive for SMEs that are ready to innovate securing a 20% increase in the number of new SME users for existing test beds.

In order to increase SMEs users in the SEP several activities have been planned by iclimabuilt consortium over the course of the project such as training and dissemination activities, liaison with existing ecosystems, and the already established Industrial Exploitation Group (IEG) which focuses on the exploitation of the OITB technologies and the technology transfer to other sectors, but also supporting in the direct dissemination to industrial (SME) users.

For the duration of the iclimabuilt project, SME users will be invited to participate:

  • in dedicated events, relevant technical committees’ meetings/conferences, workshops, publications in journals, technical media related to the pilots, EC relevant clusters and initiatives
  • in industrial interest groups
  • in training actions for clients of the ecosystem’s pilot lines
  • in specific training action tools that will be defined related to the pilot lines within dedicated topics, e.g. upscaling and implementation of the production in the client’s plants, certification requirements for specific products, health – safety – environment
  • to the Launch of the open call: the target is to fund 10 projects from 30-40 new applications for access in the iclimabuilt ecosystem within the 4-month duration
  • and finally, SME users will have access to the project website, technical content (e.g. deliverables) will be open to the public.

In addition, industrial partners will elaborate new business cases and models to support the market penetration of the innovations generated in the frame of the project, attract companies to use the iclimabuilt OITB with a particular focus on new materials and processes for energy savings.

In addition to the wide range of services offered by the iclimabuilt SEP, the platform also includes a customer support service for its clients, dedicated customer feedback forms as well as access to periodic polls and surveys through the dedicated “Client’s Word Forum” for gathering feedback from clients and technology users.