iClimaBuilt Network

iClimaBuilt Network

National Technical University of Athens


National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology, and has contributed unceasingly to the country’s scientific, technical and economic development since its foundation in 1836. The NTUA team comprises of chemical, mechanical, metallurgical engineers, physicists, chemists, civil engineers and technicians, specialized in the fields of materials research and development, possessing a very experienced staff (including several professors, research scientists and PhD students) as well as extensive facilities for materials processing and characterization. Part of the NTUA School of Chemical Engineering (Department of Materials Science and Engineering) is the Research Unit of Advanced, Composite, Nano Materials & Nanotechnology (R-NanoLab), which was founded in 2007. R-NanoLab research group has extensive experience in Designing, Production and Characterization of Advanced-,Composite- and Nano- Materials.

NTUA is the Project Coordinator of the iclimabuilt project. NTUA is responsible for project management, consortium management, project monitoring, periodic reporting and risk management (WP1 Leader). NTUA will also contribute on the advanced characterization of project’s developed materials in terms of toxic behaviour. Suitable assays will be performed
in order to assess the materials’ potential affection to human health (WP5, WP6). In addition, NTUA will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the Single-Entry-Point (SEP) (WP2), the launch of the Open Call (WP7 Leader) and for several communication, dissemination and exploitation activities (WP8, WP9).

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Eurcat Technology Centre of Catalonia

Eurecat, the big industrial technology provider of Catalonia offers business services applied R & D, technology services, technology consulting, training highly specialized development of innovative products and services, and promotion and dissemination of technological innovation.

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Dresden University of Technology

The Dresden University of Technology (for German: Technische Universität Dresden, abbreviated as TUD) is a public research university, the largest institute of higher education in the city of Dresden, the largest university in Saxony and one of the 10 largest universities in Germany with 32,389 students as of 2018.[3] The name Technische Universität Dresden has only been used since 1961; the history of the university, however, goes back nearly 200 years to 1828. This makes it one of the oldest colleges of technology in Germany, and one of the country’s oldest universities, which in German today refers to institutes of higher education that cover the entire curriculum. The university is a member of TU9, a consortium of the nine leading German Institutes of Technology. The university is one of eleven German universities which succeeded in the Excellence Initiative in 2012, thus getting the title of a “University of Excellence”. The TU Dresden succeeded in all three rounds of the German Universities Excellence Initiative (Future Concept, Graduate Schools, Clusters of Excellence).

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SINTEF is an independent, non-profit polytechnical research organization with main locations in Trondheim and Oslo, Norway. SINTEF has 2000 employees from 75 countries and annual revenues of three billion Norwegian kroner. Our vision is Technology for a better society.
The role of SINTEF in the iclimabuilt project is within three main areas: materials characterization and testing; life cycle and cost assessments; data treatment and analysis.

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Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is a public research university in Norway with the main campus in Trondheim and smaller campuses in Gjøvik and Ålesund. NTNU has over 8,000 employees and over 40,000 students, it is the largest university in Norway, and holds the main responsibility for higher education in technology, engineering, and architecture in Norway.

NTNU is the host of the Research Centre on Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart cities, and contributed to the iClimabuilt project in different WPs. NTNU brings into the project the competence available in 3 departments of NTNU on design/operation, characterisation, simulation, and demonstration of advanced building envelope systems, and user-technology interaction. NTNU leads WP6 “Final prototypes evaluation and demonstration in living laboratories and sustainability”.

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Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE) is a Swedish state-owned research institute, collaborating together with universities, industry and the public sector to drive international competitive sustainable development and growth.
RISE perform industry research and innovation as well as testing and certification. The research proposition of the Swedish government states that the overall objective for the RISE group research institutes is to be internationally competitive and work for sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening industry competitiveness and renewal.

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Institute of Science and Innovation

INEGI – Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering is a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), founded in 1986, focused on research and technology-based innovation activities, technology transfer, consulting and technological services. INEGI is a non-profit, private and recognised as a public utility entity that aims to contribute towards the development of industry and the economy in general, through scientific and technology-based innovation. Throughout its 35 years of existence, INEGI developed and consolidated a position as a technological partner for companies, while ensuring the personal and professional development of employees and the enrichment of higher education.

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Innovation in Research and Engineering Solutions

IRES, founded in 2015, is devoted to provide decision making tools and methodologies for environmental, safety and risk assessment, materials characterization/digitization and process optimization. Customized and tailored solutions on demand, successfully identify possible business risks and provide sustainable directions. For this mission, the whole lifecycle of products is considered, through a holistic evaluation of social, environmental and economic aspects, based on EU standards and regulations. In collaboration with external bodies and related initiatives, IRES is part of, build upon and push the frontiers at new technological events, arising innovative technologies and strategic research trends.

In the iclimabuilt framework, IRES provides its expertise in Life Cycle Assessment, Risk & (nano)Safety and Data Science, by leading the respective project Tasks:

  • Sustainability of iclimabuilt solutions,
  • Safety, hazards and toxicity of the project materials and
  • Predictive modelling and multi-scale simulations for building envelopes.


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University of Strathclyde Glasgow

The University of Strathclyde is a public research university located in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 1796 as the Andersonian Institute, it is Glasgow’s second-oldest university, having received its royal charter in 1964 as the first technological university in the United Kingdom. Taking its name from the historic Kingdom of Strathclyde, it is Scotland’s third-largest university by number of students, with students and staff from over 100 countries.
The institution was named University of the Year 2012 by Times Higher Education and again in 2019, becoming the first university to receive this award twice. The annual income of the institution for 2019–20 was £334.8 million of which £81.2 million was from research grants and contracts, with an expenditure of £298.8 million. It is one of the 39 old universities in the UK comprising the distinctive second cluster of elite universities after Oxbridge.

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Ansys UK Ltd. (Ansys Inc. Materials Business Unit or MatBU, formerly Granta Design Ltd.) has a core business for design and development of software products related to materials information management, data, and tools (eco-design, restricted substances, critical materials assessment, materials selection and substitution), several of which integrate with CAD/CAE/PLM. MatBU contributes to networks and standardization bodies and supports a number of industry standard commercial databases for materials such as metals, composites, polymers, and medical devices. MatBU also produces and maintains several leading data products including Materials Universe (a database of over 4,000 commercially available engineering materials including technical, ecological and cost attributes for each material and its associated processes) and the Product Risk database which incorporates one of the leading resources on restricted substances as well as critical and conflict minerals risks and data needed for streamlined life cycle analysis. MatBU supports numerous collaborative projects by providing a centralized materials information management system for the project to enable the pooling and consolidation of project knowledge which would otherwise be dispersed amongst the partners, this approach enables standardization and capitalizes on the value in the project by avoiding duplication of effort and maximizing results visibility to partners and external stakeholders. MatBU also has reach to over 1000 educational institutes world-wide via its education software, Granta EduPack, which translates materials research into data, information and teaching resources. The recent acquisition by Ansys Inc. means that our materials and process data, software tools, and learning resources can reach an even greater audience for higher impact of collaborative project outcomes.

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Hamburg University of Technology

The Hamburg University of Technology is a research university in Germany. The university was founded in 1978 and in 1982/83 lecturing followed. Around 100 senior lecturers/professors and 1,475 members of staff work at the TUHH. It is located in Harburg, a district in the south of Hamburg.

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Stratagem Energy Ltd

STRATAGEM Energy Ltd is an independent Research and Innovation company providing insightful, timely and focused technical services and research on Engineering solutions, grouped with Business services. STRATAGEM is comprised by an expert team of high qualified Researchers, Engineers and Innovation Managers focusing to provide and offer first class R&D&I services. STRATAGEM’s Engineering department is committed to work towards sustainable development mainly in the areas of Energy, Environment, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Maritime, Transport, Tourism and Buildings. STRATAGEM is implementing sustainable development projects mainly for Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Mobility, Urban Planning, Energy Audits and Renewable Energy Sources solutions. Moreover STRATAGEM’s Business department offers services in Project Management, Innovation Management, Proposal development, Knowledge Transfer and Communication & Design. The department is comprised by experts in project management, Innovation Management, Communication and Marketing helping the dissemination and exploitation of Innovative results.

Information regarding STRATAGEM’s role in iclimabuilt:

STRATAGEM’s main tasks within the iclimabuilt project include:

– WP leader for ‘Clustering and Training activities’: liaisons and close working relationships with existing ecosystems and innovation mechanisms

– Dissemination and Communication plan of iclimabuilt ecosystem

– Exploitation of results (in collaboration with OSM and all partners)

– Innovation management activities including IPR, commercialization and go-to-market strategies.

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Fraunhofer Society

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) is Europe’s largest solar energy research institution and part of the Fraunhofer society, a non profit organisation for applied research. The Institute is located in Freiburg, Germany. Fraunhofer ISE has a total number of approx. 1100 staff. The Institute develops components, materials, processes and systems in the areas of the photovoltaics, thermal use of solar energy, solar and energy efficient buildings, electrical power supplies, chemical energy conversion, energy storage and the rational use of energy. The Coating Technology group runs industrial pilot lines for thin film coating on glass and flexible film substrates. Functional coatings for solar energy generation, energy efficiency and hydrogen technology are developed. In the Module Technology and Evaluation Centre (Module-TEC), photovoltaic modules are developed and manufactured. Current research topics are the integration of modules into building envelopes and into vehicle bodies. Furthermore, in the Solar Building Envelopes group, there is ample experience in the design, simulation, evaluation and monitoring of solar building envelopes.

Main tasks within the project
Fraunhofer ISE will contribute in the field of solar active envelope (SAE) materials. It will upgrade its anorganic thin film coating plant (pilot line 8) for the fast and reliable sampling of estatically pleasing cover glazing for building integrated PV and solar thermal systems. Building integrated PV modules will be developed and adapted to the test sites in the different climatic zones, integrating the Omniphobic coatings from Cidetec for anti-soiling functionality. FRAU ISE will also contribute to the building element modelling, simulation and analysis with respect to energetic performance. A visualization environment for esthetically pleasing building surfaces will be established. Furthermore, FRAU ISE will be involved in the optical characterization of SAE materials and structures.

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Polytechnic University of Turin

Politecnico di Torino (www.polito.it) was founded in 1906 and  has its roots in the Technical School for Engineers created in 1859.  It is internationally ranked among the most important universities in Europe for engineering and architecture studies, with 36,000 students (out of which 18% are international students coming from over 100 different countries). Politecnico is a center of excellence for education and research in engineering, architecture, design and planning and it works in close cooperation with the socio-economic system. It is a comprehensive Research University where education and research complement each other and create synergies  in order to address the needs of the economic system, of the local community and, above all, of its students. The participation to many international projects allows Politecnico to count on a great experience, both as coordinator and partner.

The TEBE research group (Technology Energy Building Environment, https://www.tebe.polito.it/ ) within the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Torino, focuses its research interests on topics related to the Building Physics, spanning from energy use and production in buildings and communities to indoor/outdoor environmental quality, carrying out and managing in the last 10 years about 20 EU funded projects. The specific research team involved in the project can claim a specific expertise and know-how on smart and multifunctional façade systems, embedding smart materials. The main task within the iclimabuilt project is to support the consortium in the coordination of the performance characterisation of building envelope components (as WP5 leader), and particularly carrying out activities related to thermal and energy, luminous and acoustic performance and characterization of building components.

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Technological Institute of Aragon

ITAINNOVA is a non-profit technological center founded in 1984 with the main objective of leading and helping industries to increase their competitiveness and excellence through innovation and technological developments. ITAINNOVA offers its services with a clear market orientation, providing real and innovative solutions from its lines of research and development, which transform and accelerate the technological processes of companies or new challenges in our society. The staff is composed of 231 employees, of which 86 are women and 42 hold a PhD degree. ITAINNOVA is structured into different technological areas: Materials & Components, Mechatronics & Robotics, Power Electronics, Logistics, and Software Engineering and Multimedia technologies. In the iClimabuilt project, ITAINNOVA will be the leading partner for the modelling and simulation activities, with a multi-scale approach, which will span from the material design to the product performance. Modelling will help to optimize multimaterial/multilayered structures looking for tailored products performances.

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Cidetec Surface Engineering

CIDETEC is a private organization for applied research founded in 1997 that seeks to contribute value to companies by harnessing, generating and transferring technological knowledge. Located in the Donostia-San Sebastián site of Gipuzkoa’s Scientific and Technological Park, CIDETEC is comprised of three international technological reference institutes in energy storage, surface engineering and nanomedicine.

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Architect for future cities

E2ARC is an architectural & engineering practice and consultancy with over 25 years of expertise within the fields of planning and construction, as well as in research related to buildings and the environment. The team has a long experience in restoration projects and in energy efficient renovations of historic buildings, as well as in various housing and tertiary building projects. Additionally, E2ARC has an extended involvement in EU funded research projects related to buildings’ sustainability, cultural heritage and energy retrofitting , innovative building materials, Nature Based Solutions and urban regeneration projects. This involvement in both building projects and research marks a state-of-the-art approach, aiming to maximise the impact of architecture on society.

E2ARC’s role in Iclimabuilt: 

  • WP3: leadership of Task 3.2 “Definition of iclimabuilt test cases”
  • WP4: leadership of Subtask 4.5.1. “Building archetypes for building performance assessment”: E2ARC will define a set of reference building types that will be used to benchmark the performance of the envelope solutions against existing and common solutions, starting from an analysis of relevant characteristics for “archetypes” across Europe.
  • WP8: leadership of Task 8.1″ Liaison with regulation/standardization bodies and current legislation, incl. cluster initiatives”: E2ARC will build on its extended connections in order to assist clustering activities and to establish a liaison with regulation/standardization bodies and current legislation.
  • WP9: E2ARC will contribute to the Dissemination and communication activities, especially addressing architects.


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AiDEAS is a highly innovative technology and data solutions provider. The company is building machine learning and AI-power technology to unlock the value hidden in huge volumes of data, reducing the time to find, diagnose, comprehend and act at a speed that is impossible for humans, thereby generating new faster insights.

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TEGnology ApS

TEGnology ApS is opening new doorways to self-powered IoT sensors.
Industry 4.0 requests optimization of energy consumption by controlling operational processes. Smart control needs smart monitoring. The goodness of monitoring depends on the coverage and sampling rate, which are usually constrained by the power supply of sensors. Future Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors cannot run on cables or batteries.

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High-performance and sustainable insulation foams. Non-flammable and safe. FenX transforms inert raw materials into non-flammable insulation products.

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European Research Center for Design and Materials Technologies

CETMA is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) based in Brindisi (Italy) which carries out applied research, experimental development and technology transfer in the field of advanced materials (composites, polymers, bio-based and recycled), ICT (development of specialized software for engineering, manufacturing and services) and product development.

CETMAs role in Iclimabuilt:

CETMA leads the Pilot Line 6 for Insulation components utilizing waste materials and provides its support for characterization and testing activities.

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Bergamo Tecnologie SP Z.O.O.

​​Bergamo Tecnologie is a polish SME working in the window and prefabricated window modules since 1996. Operations are focused on innovative prefabricated solutions integrating windows with specialized architectural technological features. The Evolution within the company is fast and continuous, and the work processes avail themselves with the most advanced technological equipment. Twenty years of experience matured in separate branches, proved to be complementary and opened for them the door of introducing the vision of Total Service in the Domestic Construction Field and allowed the export of their experience abroad, with the execution of important and high standards projects in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Middle East and Africa.

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Open Source Management Ltd

OSM is an independent project management firm (SME) administering all peripheral aspects of research projects. The company’s activities are focused on surveys and statistical analysis, applications of management Science methods and Impact assessment. Indicatively the company professionals have expertise in Project, Risk, Ethics and Knowledge management, market trend analysis, feasibility studies, Impact assessment and Technology Transfer. OSM’s interdisciplinary team is capable to address a variety of tasks pertinent and supportive to research projects, crucial for their market applicability and sustainability. The company employs a team involving scientists from the financial and economic discipline, management science, engineering and statistics, while is co-operating with faculty members of European Universities and Research Institutes employing ad hoc experts to be involved in particular projects.

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Rubitherm Technologies GmbH

RUBITHERM® Technologies GmbH is one of the principal PCM suppliers worldwide. We are your innovative partner for PCM-Technology and lead the way in developing economic and ecological applications of phase change materials for a wide range of thermal challenges in industry, healthcare and logistics. We provide solutions for heating and air-conditioning systems, temperature-controlled transport of sensitive goods and therapeutic and medical products.

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University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is a public research university located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom. It received its royal charter in 1900 as a successor to Queen’s College, Birmingham, and Mason Science College, making it the first English civic or ‘red brick’ university to receive its own royal charter.

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BioG3D - New 3D Printing Technologies

BioG3D is an R&D company dedicated to innovative 3D printing solutions and “smart” product customization. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, in Athens, Greece. BioG3D team consists of Additive Manufacturing and Computational Design specialists, Materials and Process Engineers, aiming to provide end-to-end solutions and 3D printing services from initial conceptualization to functional prototypes production. BioG3D is also a key partner for manufacturing of Safe and Environmentally friendly innovative products, thus facilitating market penetration, providing dedicated services on toxicological evaluation based on standards and well-established protocols. The company’s mission is to enable new uses for the unique potential offered by Digital Manufacturing, by employing advanced feedstock materials, cutting-edge physical and digital tools to optimize designs, towards a holistic approach for the fabrication of new products. In this context, BioG3D team has leveraged its experience and know-how to cover the whole range of Additive Manufacturing process chain, from advanced design, custom robotic solutions, AM process optimization and design verification, as demonstrated by their participation in numerous EU-funded projects.

Within iclimabuilt project, BioG3D BioG3D will contribute to the design and on-demand production of 3D printed passive
components for the improvement of indoor environmental quality, by adapting and upgrading existing facilities, materials and digital tools available under Pilot Line 3. Sustainable, reusable and reconfigurable functional systems that accommodate occupants’ well-being will be developed, by pursing a modular approach to meet the individual requirements of building locations, in terms of interior lighting, acoustics and air quality, by encoding performance-driven rules for the generation of geometric design solutions of discrete subcomponents, which can be reused into multiple spatial configurations. BioG3D will also undertake the in vitro assessment & toxicological analysis of materials with unknown hazard profiles to be developed within iclimabuilt project, that will enhance decision-making throughout the material development and processing activities.

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Leipzig University of Applied Sciences

The Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, in German the Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur, is a Fachhochschule in Leipzig, in the Saxony region of Germany.

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