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Explanation of MTaaS


MTaaS is a platform facilitating iClimaBuilt material development service provision management, enabling interactions with customers and supply chains and linking the single entry platform (SEP) to the collaborative partner-sites’ service project and resource management. The iClimaBuilt MTaaS platform is to implement “Material Testing as a Service” principle to drive distributed, collaborative and innovative service provisions from the EU building envelope materials development hubs/testbeds. Through the MTaaS platform, collaborative partners can register their material developing services, products, facilities available for external uses as well as consultancy on design, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, sales and finance, either individually or in a group, such as a “Building Block” or “Testbed”. Through direct interactions with customers, services can be offered and facilitated in a convenient and efficient way, including managing enquiries, quoting, service contracts, service projects and invoices. With MTaaS, a single entry to the service provision by the members within the iClimaBuilt ecosystem is enabled, and the collaborative service providers can also manage their own service provision activities more conveniently. 

Products and Services

MTaaS includes a front-end interface as a web portal for the customers and a backend system for internal uses such as by Joint Venture Company (JVC) administrator, assigned technical experts and representatives from collaborative partners within the Ecosystem. The main blocks of the backend system include ‘Dashboard’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Sales’, ‘Inventory’, ‘Support’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Tools’. Under each block, there are several functional modules which collectively form a particular group of activities, e. g. under “Marketing”, there are modules concerning promotion, leads and opportunities, and under “Sales”, there are modules concerning price book, quotation, service contracts and invoices, while under “Inventory”, there are modules concerning products, services, facilities and consultancy to be offered, as well as internal stockpiles and external suppliers. The front-end customer portal is linked directly to the iClimaBuilt single entry platform (SEP) from where the customers can access the MTaaS. The customer portal provides the lists and descriptions of the ‘Products’, ‘Services’, ‘Facilities’ and ‘Consultancy’ which are offered by the JVC and its collaborative members. A customer can raise and edit their enquiries by selecting the items listed (which are automatically added to their enquiries) and adding comments, drawings/photos/model images, etc. for their service/purchase enquiries. The enquiries raised by the customer can be viewed by the back-end users and then handled by dedicated experts for response to the customer will be sent to the customer as well as to the potential service/sale providers concerned. All communications with customers/service providers are recorded as “histories”. For the same service/sale, all activities relating to the enquiry, quotation, service contract, service execution (as “project”), delivery, invoice, etc., can be traced from the front-end.  

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