Iclimabuilt Open Call

The Open Call of iclimabuilt OITB project has been launched!
Iclimabuilt is an Open Innovation Test Bed, funded by the EU, with the aim to create an open access ecosystem for developing, upscaling and testing innovations in building envelope materials and technical systems.
For the scope of validating the developed ecosystem, iclimabuilt will, through the Open Call, support and help small and medium-sized high-tech firms to scale up and cope with the continuous rise of technological complexity, assisting in the transformation of research results into innovations.
Take advantage of the offered services and be one of the Experimentation Teams that will shape the future of sustainable building materials!
Introduce your technologies and deploy test cases referring to materials for building envelopes towards nZEB. Iclimabuilt’s ecosystem will offer you services for free (development, testing, upscaling, validation etc.) and put at your disposal the Pilot Lines of the project. In addition, we will support you by providing 70% funding to your project!