Financing, Investment and Innovation

Financing, Investment and Innovation

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BB6 Financing, Investment and Innovation – This Building Block is able to provide business and innovation services in a 3-helix structure. By helping SMEs enhance their financial capabilities by providing tailored financing schemes, grants, and loans, and by connecting them with prominent financial institutions, together with strategic guidance on EU-Funded projects and matchmaking and brokerage support, market research and assessment, IPR management, innovation management. This Building Block of services compiles great opportunities for SME’s that want a more strategic analysis regarding innovation and business support.

Financing – The Financing service provided by iclimabuilt aims to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in enhancing their financial capabilities through various strategies and support. By linking SMEs with financing schemes that are tailored to their specific business goals and needs, the service helps them secure the funding they require to thrive and grow. Moreover, the Financing service can also aid SMEs in acquiring grants and loans by connecting them with prominent financial institutions such as banks and mortgage credit institutions. Iclimabuilt’s team of experts will collaborate closely with SMEs to identify the most suitable financing options and guide them through the application process.

Investment – The Investment service offered by iclimabuilt provides professional support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and organisations seeking to take advantage of EU funding opportunities. The service offers a range of services that are designed to assist SMEs in navigating the complex funding process and generating the documentation necessary for the evaluation process. Through the Investment service, SMEs can also benefit from support in identifying and linking with different prospective consortiums for EU-funded projects. This includes helping SMEs to participate in EU calls, clusters and other public funded opportunities.

Innovation – The Innovation service provided by iclimabuilt is designed to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in realizing their full potential by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative business strategies. The service offers a wide range of support and resources to help SMEs maximise their opportunities for growth and success. One key offering of the Innovation service is the Matchmaking & Brokerage support that involves helping SMEs identify new business or research partners in Europe or elsewhere, and connect with other companies possessing specific expertise to collaborate on developing new products or projects. The service also offers market research and assessment, opportunity identification for products, and intellectual property rights (IPR) management, including monitoring and review. Iclimabuilt partners are also fully available to provide support with innovation management, from ideation to successful implementation, and business model creation. This ensures that SMEs are well-positioned to develop and execute innovative ideas that align with their strategic goals and business objectives.