Pilot Lines

Pilot Lines 

PL1 – Phase Change Materials (PCMs) – production and encapsulation of PCM materials (organic and inorganic) to contribute to the balance energy oscillations in the buildings.

PL2 – Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) – production and development of thermoelectric modules based on ZnSb and MgSiSn materials, which enable a flexible,  low-cost and viable alternative to TEG-based modules for low temperature operation.

PL3 – Customizable 3D-printed components – production and development of customizable 3d printed components for well-being for buildings, such as light diffusers, hybrid sound absorbing diffusing panels and absorbing components (moisture/CO2).

PL4 – Advanced cement/concrete-based materials for wall facades (textile-reinforced concrete/cellular lightweight concrete insulation, TRC/CLCi) – production and development of façade components with affordable and innovative concepts based on inorganic, mineral-based materials consisting of textile reinforced concrete (TRC) and cellular lightweight concrete insulation (CLCi).

PL5 – Aerogels (AGs) – production and development of aerogels (silica and cellulose) as lightweight super-insulation materials for facade elements.

PL6 – Insulation components utilizing waste materials – production and development of insulation building materials and components utilizing waste materials, such as insultation foam based on mineral wastes and lightweight/LW concrete incorporating recycled aggregates (minerals, plastics).

PL7 – Multifunctional Composite Sandwiches (MCS) – production and development of new multifunctional composite panels, with enhanced performance, for lightweight modular panels for buildings.

PL8 – Solar-active envelope (SAE) materials and structures for Building integrated Photovoltaics and Solar thermal systems (BIPV, BIST) – production and development of optimized materials, surfaces and structures that can be adapted to the multifunctional needs, especially with regard to aesthetics, efficiency, reliability and service life of BIPV and BIST.

PL9 – Omniphobic coatings – production, development and application of omniphobic coatings able to repel any kind of liquid, regardless its surface.