Sustainability and Safety Assessment, Standards and Regulation

Sustainability and Safety Assessment, Standards and Regulation

BB4 contains services to be provided to the interested stakeholders, that raise customer confidence, increase sales and support the take-up of new technologies. The BB4 services have three main pillars: Sustainability, Safety and Standardization. Services can be provided as stand-alone or as combined (service packages), adjusted to the needs of each interested party. 

Service Categories:

  • Services on Life Cycle Assessment: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) services are aimed to evaluate the potential environmental, economic and social impact of materials, processes and products, at a life cycle perspective. The LCA services also support the interested parties by identifying problematic areas across value chains that need further attention and by proposing solutions for mitigation, leading finally to material, process and product improvement and added value. 


  • Safety Assessment: The Safety Assessment of materials refers to the Preliminary Risk Assessment of materials including hazards and exposure, to on-site measurements of emissions by specialized personnel and equipment, as well as to toxicological assessment of materials by biology experts. Such services provide important information and consulting on materials’ handling and occupational safety, revealing improvement potential and supporting the implementation of Safe-by-Design (SbD) principles.  


  • Sustainability assessment: The Sustainability Assessment consists of a holistic assessment of materials and products, that combines environmental, economic and social evaluation with risk and safety. The Sustainability Assessment is provided through a variety of service packages tailored to the needs of the interested stakeholders, along with consultancy on the implementation of Safe-and-Sustainable by Design (SSbD) principles.


  • Standardization and Regulations consultancy: The Standardization and Regulations Consulting services aim to support the interested parties by identifying the standards and regulations in force, related to the materials, processes and products of interest, to guarantee compliance of materials, processes and products, as well as to ensure safety, reliability and environmental performance.