Virtual Performance Testing Services

Virtual Performance Testing Services

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The services offered are related to the analysis and optimization of the performance of materials and building elements by means of virtual prototyping.

This includes the use of computational workflows, already available within the project, comprising the modelling at material level, computational simulation either at material or building element level and design and optimization of building elements performance by virtual testing.


Comprises the development of physical based models of material / process functionality considering different fields: mechanical, thermal, optical… individually or following multiphysic and multiscale approaches.

ROM modelling are commonly used to generate virtual performance tools which use offline generated simulation results.


Consists of the simulation of materials and manufacturing processes using any specific commercial software typically based on FEM / DEM / CFD methods and/or multiphysic software.

DOE simulations are typically used to generate specific results previously chosen for the analysis, typically product and/or system performance outputs, such as stresses, strains, forces, fluid velocity, fluid pressure, etc.

Virtual Performance Testing

The proper modelling of simulation models at material and/or manufacturing processes level enables to setup virtual prototypes of building elements. These virtual prototypes can design and optimize the performance of the BE in real environmental conditions.